Enablon Enables Enterprise Social Networking For Sustainability

We’ve written a lot about both enterprise social networking and sustainability. But now we’re seeing the emergence of enterprise social networking tools for furthering sustainability initiatives.

For example, Enablon, a leader and ten-year veteran in corporate sustainability solutions, recently launched Wizness (wise business). Wizness is a social networking platform that seeks to help companies promulgate and share information on sustainability issues throughout their supply chains. It includes company-specific profiles that can be created and managed to filter news-based content around sustainability. It also includes expert communities on a variety of sustainability topics, forums for sharing best practices, and the ability to track metrics on a company’s sustainability performance.

Read our recent IT Briefcase article for more information on Enablon, Wizness, and social networks for sustainability.

Upside Research believes that Wizness is a brilliant idea for furthering sustainability efforts within a specific industry. The key challenge to its success will be for Enablon to attract the key thought leaders in the various topic areas of sustainability to participate in the Wizness communities, and share best practices and information about industry-specific


Carbon Disclosure Report Driving Sustainability?

There’s no doubt that sustainability issues are more important for some companies than others. But perhaps the recent annual report from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) might change that.

The CDP’s report reveals a surprising trend in corporate sustainability. For the first time since it began reporting on sustainability practices in the S&P 500 in 2003, the latest survey results reveal that a majority of the S&P 500 participating companies integrate sustainability efforts into core business strategy. This is without any major mandates driving participation. Considering that, according to the CDP, over 3,000 organizations in some 60 countries worldwide measure and disclose to the CDP their greenhouse gas emissions, climate change strategies, and water management, it is apparent that sustainability is taking a top place on the corporate hot-button list. Read more about the CDP’s report and it’s impact on corporate sustainability initiatives in our IT Briefcase column.


Sustainability–the Next Frontier

For years we’ve heard that it pays to be “green” (or environmentally-friendly). But putting a number on just how much it pays can be difficult, since developing metrics for sustainability and green business or IT processes is difficult and can touch on many different factors within an organization. But new solutions and approaches are making environmental accounting and sustainability initiatives much more practical. But you need to understand what you’re buying into, and what approach you’re taking. Upside Research believes there are some important distinctions to make within the sustainability category, and some specific decision points that can impact an enterprise sustainability project. For a rundown on our specific points and sustainability recommendations, consult our recent IT Briefcase column on how to make the jump into sustainability.


Sustainability – The Business Buzzword and Corporate Future

When you’re in it for the long haul, it means that sustainability is going to be important for your business. In fact, corporate IT can even hold the key to transforming a business into one that reflects the new goals for reduced consumption of resources like energy and water. But, unlike Enterprise Resource Planning or Business Process Management, where technology was used to automate existing processes, sustainability is a brand new discipline for most organizations. Read more about why sustainability matters to IT, in our IT Briefcase column.