Carbon Disclosure Report Driving Sustainability?

There’s no doubt that sustainability issues are more important for some companies than others. But perhaps the recent annual report from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) might change that.

The CDP’s report reveals a surprising trend in corporate sustainability. For the first time since it began reporting on sustainability practices in the S&P 500 in 2003, the latest survey results reveal that a majority of the S&P 500 participating companies integrate sustainability efforts into core business strategy. This is without any major mandates driving participation. Considering that, according to the CDP, over 3,000 organizations in some 60 countries worldwide measure and disclose to the CDP their greenhouse gas emissions, climate change strategies, and water management, it is apparent that sustainability is taking a top place on the corporate hot-button list. Read more about the CDP’s report and it’s impact on corporate sustainability initiatives in our IT Briefcase column.


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