Enablon Enables Enterprise Social Networking For Sustainability

We’ve written a lot about both enterprise social networking and sustainability. But now we’re seeing the emergence of enterprise social networking tools for furthering sustainability initiatives.

For example, Enablon, a leader and ten-year veteran in corporate sustainability solutions, recently launched Wizness (wise business). Wizness is a social networking platform that seeks to help companies promulgate and share information on sustainability issues throughout their supply chains. It includes company-specific profiles that can be created and managed to filter news-based content around sustainability. It also includes expert communities on a variety of sustainability topics, forums for sharing best practices, and the ability to track metrics on a company’s sustainability performance.

Read our recent IT Briefcase article for more information on Enablon, Wizness, and social networks for sustainability.

Upside Research believes that Wizness is a brilliant idea for furthering sustainability efforts within a specific industry. The key challenge to its success will be for Enablon to attract the key thought leaders in the various topic areas of sustainability to participate in the Wizness communities, and share best practices and information about industry-specific


Enterprise Social Media Tools

We’ve blogged in the past about the growing importance of Enterprise Social Media tools. Well, the market continues to grow and change, so we’ve put together a round up of some of the important enterprise social media players to help CIOs understand the dynamics of the market and how each of the vendors are attempting to distinguish themselves in a crowded space. The first segment of our overview of Enterprise Social Media players covers some of the fresh, new faces that have helped define the social media space. Future segments will cover a few more of the trailblazers in social media, followed by some of the enterprise software vendors’ entries in this exciting market.


Cisco Adds to Enterprise Social Networking with Versly Acquisition

Enterprise social networking continues to be an increasingly important factor for many companies. While companies continue to search for the best way to incorporate the new collaboration functionality into an already crowded enterprise software environment, software vendors are adding new combinations of technology to their offerings. Recently, computing giant Cisco announced an acquisition that moves it ahead several steps in the race to develop the killer unified communication platform. Read the full story on Cisco’s Enterprise social network acquisition in our IT Briefcase column.