The Dirty Little Secret About Online Backup

How do you know your business data is protected? If your server fails or a hurricane hits or some other digital disaster strikes, what would you lose? Your email? Your customer database? Your business contacts? Your business?

Perhaps you’re one of the many companies taking advantage of online backup services to protect your data. Online backup is a great way to ensure that critical digital assets, from databases to documents, can be safely restored if there’s ever a problem. But if you’re using online backup, there’s something you need to be aware of. It’s the one consideration that your online backup provider might not have mentioned to you.

It’s the dirty little secret about online backup.

The secret is that it might take a lot longer to restore that data than you expect. What most providers don’t mention is that, after a disaster or server problem, it might take days to restore critical business data. In fact, the time it takes to restore data, even with a high-speed Internet connection, can mean potential downtime that can be detrimental to your business – even to the point of causing business failure. In fact, some industry sources estimate that approximately half of computer users will experience a loss of data at some point, and businesses that experience a major loss of data may not be able to recover and could end up going out of business within two years.

Luckily, online backup solutions have been around long enough that now there are reliable options that address these issues. For example, one popular option is a hybrid online/local service that allows organizations to maintain up to date local copies of critical business data that are available to speed the recovery process in the event of a data loss. Using a hybrid model can significantly reduce recovery and restore times for small and mid-sized businesses.

In this Upside Research White Paper on The Dirty Little Secret About Online Backup, we’ll take a closer look at the dirty little secret of online backup, explore what to look for in online backup solutions, and learn how companies are solving the problem of slow recovery times through hybrid disaster recovery solutions.


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