Collaborative Business Analytics

The business analytics market is not immune to the rise in popularity of social networking for the enterprise. In fact, many proponents of business intelligence and decision management solutions see social networking as a way to extend business analytics to the masses. Enterprises have struggled with extending BI functionality beyond the dashboards that power users inhabit. New social networking and collaboration capabilities foster advanced analyses and better brainstorming among BI users, which may be just the antidote this segment needs.

Among the BI vendors, several have made recent announcements around their solutions’ new collaboration and social networking capabilities. IBM recently announced its Cognos 10 release, which embeds the collaboration capabilities from Lotus Connections right into Cognos 10. Users familiar with the Cognos interfaces can post messages, participate in discussions, add comments on data points, and access decision networks. The goal of Cognos 10 is to establish information hubs that span the enterprise, pulling in users around threaded discussions associated with BI content.

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