Open Source Databases Flocking to the Cloud

The widespread presence of open source databases in web and enterprise applications is not new. But recently, a few upgrades to some of the leaders in the space as well as a much-anticipated new entrant have cast new light on their emerging and important role in powering many critical cloud-based applications. From an enterprise perspective, we feel the key take away is that when it comes to databases and new cloud-based deployments, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. As organizations expand their Web and cloud deployments it may make sense to consider other types of databases, including some of the ones below.

Last week, 10Gen released the latest version of its high-performance, document-centric database, MongoDB v.1.8.0. The newest version includes journaling, which will help for faster recovery in the event of a crash and the need to restore the database. It also includes improved replication and sharding functions. According to 10Gen, more than 100,000 copies are downloaded monthly of MongoDB. The product itself is relatively young, with its entry into the market in 2009, but it has been…

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