2008 Trend for SMBs – Round the Clock Support

I believe that independent 24-hour tech support is a growing market segment for small and medium businesses, as well as individual consumers.

Even with significant investments in ease of use, our computers, networks, home entertainment options and digital devices are getting more complex. Also, it’s still harder to connect and network all the devices, computers, and hard drives found in a typical home or small business—especially while trying to ensure the security and reliability of the your data and information.

From our research, we’ve seen a significant trend toward small and medium businesses using “outsourced??? technical support services—for everything from security or virus management to handling routine technical support calls or network configuration issues.

However, there are still many cases when it’s still a good idea to have in-person technical support available. For example, network configuration and network security issues are two areas where personalized, on-site technical support can be more efficient and effective than remote support.

For example, in my own organization, I’ve had a networking problem with one of my Windows XP Pro laptops, where it can’t see the other computers on the network, even though they can see each other. I’ve tried two remote support organizations and neither one was able to diagnose or solve what should be a relatively easy problem.


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