2008 Notebook Trends

We’re going to see more notebooks with displays that are optimized and sized for high definition viewing. For example, wide aspect notebook displays typically have a 16:10 width to height ratio, while we’ll see a crop of newer notebooks coming out with 16:9 ratios (for example 1366*768) that are optimized for viewing HD movies, TV shows or videos on your notebook.

– Of course, standard hard drive sizes will continue to increase

– We’ll also see more laptops optimized for entertainment uses, such as gaming, watching widescreen HD movies, and connecting with stereo systems.

– Although it’s still happening slowly, we’ll see more notebook PCs bundled with integrated mobile internet access offered by wireless phone providers. Wi-Fi is great for many users, but some users want built-in wireless roaming connectivity and now with the cell phone providers building out their 3G networks, it’s more feasible than ever before.


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