MEGA Modeling Suite

Founded in 1991 in Paris, MEGA International has grown to be an enterprise architecture solutions provider with a business process modeling perspective.
MEGA International’s new version of its MEGA Modeling Suite has added a new component, MEGA Advisor, to the comprehensive set of tools that enable enterprise architecture (EA) and business process analysis (BPA). MEGA Advisor is an on-demand, web-based reporting application intended for users that need access to essential business process modeling information. The tool adapts to the viewer’s perspective and filters through all of the information in the EA repository to present the relevant information via a web portal to the user. The latest version of MEGA Modeling Suite also includes interfaces to third-party complementary toolsets for EA and BPA. With a customer base of more than 1,800, including large enterprises such as Michelin and Philip Morris USA and more recently many government agencies, MEGA is an established player in the enterprise architecture market.

Download the full MEGA Modeling Suite Upside Research Product Brief.