Having it Both Ways: Finding the Right BPM Tools for Workflow and Project-Based Processes

When it comes to business processes, change is what it’s all about. That holds true even when it comes to business process management. By now we’ve probably all learned that business process management (BPM) is a great approach for automating business processes. And over the past few years we’ve found that BPM solutions have proven they are good for automating well-defined workflows and enabling organizations to streamline a wide range of business processes.

To help organizations better define their processes and process management needs, this Upside Research white paper on BPM and workflow tools takes a closer look at the distinction between activity-based processes and traditional flow-based processes, and how organizations can optimize their processes in the most effective way.


Nimble BPM White Paper

What’s needed is an approach that takes BPM back to the basics and helps organizations achieve what the technology originally promised: increased business agility and increased efficiency. Focusing on the core competency of BPM and process automation enables businesses to do more with less, streamlining their key business processes and reducing costs. What’s needed is nimble BPM.

This Upside Research white paper on Nimble BPMexplores nimble BPM and takes a closer look at BP Logix Workflow Director as an option for streamlined workflow automation and process management.