Lombardi Teamworks

Lombardi Software is a BPM pure-play that has been making its BPM solution available to enterprise customers since 2000. Currently, the company has more than 130 customers, with half of them in the Fortune 2000, and it is recognized as one of the leading pure-play BPM solutions. The company is privately held and backed by several significant venture firms, including Austin Ventures, Palomar and InterWest. In 2006, Lombardi doubled its revenues and added more than 50 employees to support the growth.

Lombardi TeamWorks Enterprise Edition®, Lombardi’s BPM suite, provides a business-user focused solution to process optimization, and includes tools for business analysts and managers in addition to developers. Lombardi has worked to make its user interface seamless with popular business productivity applications, with the release of a fully integrated add-on product for Microsoft Office, Teamwork for Office, something its customers have appreciated. Lombardi’s newest offering is called Blueprint, and it is designed for companies that are looking for a faster, service-based way to enable collaborative process discovery. The hosted model enables companies to quickly leverage Blueprint in their business process discovery initiatives.


• Lead with a consultative sales approach that seeks to help customers identify the best opportunities to use process to transform the business.

• Offer Lombardi Blueprint as a hosted option for companies that want to quickly enable collaborative business process discovery as the first step toward more effective BPM projects.

• Provide Lombardi TeamWorks product suite that focuses on simplifying actions, increasing individual effectiveness, making collaboration easier and driving process performance.

• Deliver “BPM to the Masses??? through TeamWorks for Office.

Lombardi has performed well as a successful pure-play BPM vendor. The company continues to be recognized within the industry as one of the leaders, and it is steadily adding customers to its roster to solidify its market position. Lombardi has been particularly good at listening to its customers, and a perfect example is the close integration of TeamWorks with the Microsoft Office user interface. Based on feedback from customer roundtable discussions in 2005, TeamWorks for Office is now a major component of the solution.

TeamWorks does a good job of making the collaboration between business users and IT more seamless. The fact that both types of users design and build the process using the same model is a significant benefit and encourages a close relationship between what each party brings to the BPM equation. The optimization components of TeamWorks reflect Lombardi’s belief that BPM needs to be iterative and processes will continue to change and grow as the business changes. This flexibility is something Upside Research believes is critical to the successful adoption of BPM within the enterprise. In addition, the newest product, Blueprint, reflects the market needs for more flexible tools to assist in helping businesses discover their business processes before launching an extensive BPM project. Lombardi is one of the leaders in what Upside Research sees as a growing trend in BPM software as a service.

Lombardi’s TeamWorks is a very strong BPM product. It combines good technical capabilities with interface and modeling capabilities that are well suited for both business and technical users. On the back-end, its Eclipse-based platform provides extensibility and flexibility. We are also particularly impressed with Lombardi’s support for process optimization. For many organizations, this type of support is crucial for realizing the complete potential of a BPM investment. Upside Research expects Lombardi to continue to be a significant player in the business process management arena.

Download the full Lombardi Teamworks Upside Research Product Brief.