Insider’s Guide to BPM ROI – Learn How to Achieve High ROI for BPM Projects

As BPM continues to gain momentum and tout real-life cases of enterprise business success and return on investment, the interest in the ROI on BPM is growing dramatically.

This document is an abstract of the full Upside Research report on BPM ROI available at The report is designed to explore how organizations are approaching ROI for their BPM projects. Through our extensive research, we identified some compelling elements of the ROI picture, including where organizations are finding the biggest returns, how ROI is shaping the purchase decision more than ever, and the best opportunities for making a return on your BPM investment faster. In addition, Upside Research also uncovered some important stumbling blocks that prevent organizations from seeing an ROI with their BPM projects. Finally, we provide some detailed suggestions on how to maximize the ROI of your BPM project.

Click here to download the complete Upside Research report on BPM ROI.