A Faster BPM Return on Investment

Now that the holidays are done, I start thinking about money-and how much I’ll have to pay in taxes for last year’s earnings. Yes, I know it’s early-after all it’s not April-and thinking about taxes isn’t really the best way to start the year, but I think it’s a form of reflection for me. It’s like a New Year’s resolution-this year I will promise to keep better track of my receipts and write down all my mileage and I will make sure to organize and add up my receipts and expenses each month, instead of in one mad-ditch scramble to get it all done before taxes are due.
It’s pretty much the same thing with business process management (BPM). Every organization that’s considering business process management (or any similar IT technology investment), wants to know what they have to put in or spent on it, and what they’ll get back at the end of the year. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ROI-related factors when it comes to making a BPM decision.


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