BPDM — Yet Another Standard?

BPM is about business and technology, but it’s also increasingly about standards. Over teh years different BPM-related standards have been developed and are continuing to be developed. One of the latest is OMG’s BPDM, approved in March at OMG’s San Diego meeting. While Phil Gilbert, CTO of Lombardi has a good analysis of this event in his blog, I think the topic is worth a few words of discussion.
BPDM, or Business Process Definition Metamodel, is a specification that works in conjunction with BPMN and provides the specfiication for how to serialize (or save) BPMN in a platform-independent way. In other words, it will provide a way to export, save, and import BPMN across different products and platforms. That’s a very good thing. Of course, it won’t solve anyone’s immediate process problems, nor will it necessarily make it easier for companies to select or deploy BPM-based solutions in the short term. But I believe that it’s an important step in the right direction for businesses (and software vendors) in the BPM space.


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