Pegasystems Process Commander

Pegasystems has been automating business-critical processes for F500 organizations with a rules-based solution for 20 years. A public company with 425 employees in offices worldwide, Pegasystems recorded revenues of $97.4 million in 2002. In the past eighteen months, the company has started to shift away from custom-built solutions toward productizing its technology. Process Commander is the platform that combines the technology Pegasystems has been using to automate high-transaction, critical business processes (PegaRULES) with business process management functionality. Process Commander is priced at the enterprise level of the BPM market, with solutions running from $2 million to $10 million and up for enterprise licenses. The sweet spot for Pegasystems is very large financial services, healthcare, and insurance companies that have high volume processes they want to automate, removing human intervention.


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