Using Intalio|n3 to Add Flexibility and Efficiency to Book Publishing

iUniverse is an independent publishing company that helps individuals self-publish fiction and non-fiction books. iUniverse was interested in finding technology that would enable it to build an infrastructure that could improve the efficiencies of the book publishing process as well as provide flexibility for changing business needs. The company turned to Business Process Management (BPM) as a way of automating some of its processes and eliminating inefficiencies that existed. After an extensive search, iUniverse selected Intalio|n3 and implemented the product. It has already used Intalio|n3 to assist its catalog export and several other processes, and iUniverse has a long-term strategic view of migrating all business processes to be orchestrated under the BPMS architecture over time.

Download the full iUniverse Implementation Study.