Extrahop Application Performance Management

With all types of applications moving to the cloud, it’s never been more important for organizations to consider their application performance management strategy. In fact, new approaches to application performance management such as ones offered by ExtraHop Networks offer organizations a way to ensure their applications are performing and scaling at the speeds needed.

ExtraHop is packaged as a network appliance that provides passive, real-time transaction-level analysis for application delivery assurance. ExtraHop’s appliance approach provides some interesting differentiators from its software-only competitors. Because the product comes ready to install, ExtraHop can be deployed in a data center in under a day. Its agentless technology provides automatic discovery of devices and applications and is a passive network component. The product is affordable, with a per-appliance cost that includes the necessary software. The largest of the two versions of ExtraHop supports up to 10GB of processing, making it fairly economical to deploy across large data processing environments. Companies like Alaska Airlines, The Seattle Times Company , and Applied Discover/Lexis Nexis are utilizing ExtraHop’s product to pinpoint and troubleshoot the root cause of application performance problems.

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