Application Performance Management

When it comes to IT and applications, sometimes you really need to know what’s happening. That’s where application performance management tools come in. Application performance management tools help organizations identify how their applications are performing, and where there might be problems, bottlenecks, or concerns.

Application performance management is more important now than it ever has been, with applications that reside both in house and in the cloud, and applications that have components that are split across applications, systems, and environments. Organizations need to pay attention now more than ever to how well their applications perform under a wide range of potential operational issues.

The Applications Performance Management (APM) market received attention recently when traditional application management vendor Compuware recently announced its acquisition of dynaTrace, a leading innovator in the evolving APM space. The all-cash acquisition, valued at $256 million, closed July 1, 2011. The acquisition reflects the changing landscape of applications performance management. Check out our recent IT Briefcase column on application management for more insights into the impact of this acquisition and the application performance management market.


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