Agile Suites

Agile software development is making inroads into organizations as a beneficial software development approach. What began as a revolution in 2001 has now become a regular part of many engineering organizations’ development projects. The benefits are attractive: increase overall throughput of the development organization by up to 40%, and work better, smarter, and faster in a world of shrinking budgets. For most companies, gaining those types of benefits and successfully implementing Agile development processes requires more than just retraining people and moving to Agile methodologies.

This Upside Research report highlights how senior developers and management can gain a higher level of control and productivity out of the entire software engineering organization by optimizing Agile software development through the use of professional Agile Suites. The report identifies several leading vendors of professional Agile software development suites, and also builds a business case for using an Agile Suite to further improve efficiency and deliver better end results for all software development.

For the full Upside Research report on Agile Suites, download the Agile Suites Report