Compuware Changepoint

For over 35 years Compuware Corp. has been a leader in enterprise software and services. Over the past decade the company has increasingly focused on helping organizations transform IT investments into business assets. A good example of this strategy is Compuware Changepoint.

Changepoint, the company’s business-centric IT management solution, is designed to help IT and business managers gain better visibility into the enterprise IT environment. In addition the latest version, Changepoint 2009, demonstrates Compuware’s ability to meet the changing needs of its customers. Changepoint 2009 focuses on adding functionality in three key areas: financial management, resource management, and usability. These changes reflect the new economic climate that enterprises find themselves in today, enabling IT managers to improve portfolio management, identify priorities, and deliver on business and IT goals with tightened budgets and waning resources. By adding functionality in investment planning, resource management, and funding allocation, Compuware provides an even stronger solution that can help customers develop mature financial discipline, a necessity for today’s IT department.

Download the complete Compuware Changepoint Upside Research Product Brief.