Best Practices for Business Intelligence

Sometimes thought control isn’t such a bad idea. And by thought control, I don’t simply mean a “big brother,” Apple computer, 1984-type situation, but a situation where people’s thoughts are influenced (yes, I guess that’s a nicer word) by certain knowledge. Influenced (perhaps educated) so that they have the information to make better decisions and take the best actions at the right time.

The goal of any good business intelligence implementation is to reflect the model of an organization’s business and enable employees to use that model to analyze, answer and decide important questions or decisions. As I noted in my last column, BI solutions can be particularly helpful for organizations during turbulent economic times because they can help companies answer questions about their business (what’s most profitable? What is the impact of making these product changes? What products or service are our customers buying?), and then help them change to adapt to the new business requirements.


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