HandySoft OfficeEngine and BizFlow

HandySoft was an early player in the pure-play BPM market. The company’s BizFlow solution gained attention early as a flexible process management tool that was particularly adept at helping organizations manage their compliance needs. After releasing several SOX-based and compliance solutions, BizFlow gained a large following in the government vertical, and currently 35% of its customers come from this market segment, including 40 agencies of the U.S. Government. Recently, HandySoft released OfficeEngine, a thin client application that is designed to enable all corporate users to bring workflow and task optimization to their existing business productivity environment, namely Microsoft Outlook. With OfficeEngine, HandySoft is positioning itself to bring BPM to every corporate user through a vehicle they are already using. The company hopes to recharge its BPM market visibility and add to the more than 300+ customers it has around the globe.

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