E2E Bridge and Enterprise Integration

E2E is bringing its solution, the E2E Bridge, to the global market. The E2E Bridge is a UML-based enterprise service bus (ESB) that provides code-free, model-driven integration with a company’s existing back-end systems. The E2E Bridge supports service-oriented architectures (SOA) and is fairly lightweight because of its UML virtual machine, which does not require a Java application server.

Upside Uptake
E2E is adding new life to a saturated market – enterprise integration. The company has the background and credentials to stand up as an expert in the space, and Upside Research believes that the creative use of a UML virtual machine and XML-based technology for an enterprise service bus is unique and sets E2E apart from other solutions. The largest hurdle that the company faces from a technology perspective is convincing the existing integration teams, often full of expert developers, that it is possible to achieve enterprise integration without extensive coding, instead using a purely model-driven approach. If E2E can use its customer references to exhibit the success of this new approach to an ESB, then it stands to build its customer base.