Maximizing Return on Investment using Business Process Management with SOA

Please consider joining us next week for a special Upside Research webinar on maximizing return on investment using business process management with SOA
Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Time: 8:00 AM Pacific | 11:00 AM Eastern
Duration: 1 Hour
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Many businesses today are struggling to eliminate manual paper-based processes and progress toward more efficient workflows to automate and streamline everyday tasks. Business Process Management technology can help your organization improve overall capabilities, resulting in lowered costs and an increase in competitive advantage. BPM solutions not only allow you to automate processes by making them more efficient and less expensive, they also provide visibility into your business to help you capitalize on market opportunities.
In this complimentary Webcast, David A. Kelly of Upside Research and Stephanie Wilkinson of IBM WebSphere will analyze three characteristics of high ROI BPM projects, based on discussions with industry executives and interviews with organizations that have deployed BPM products. They will also highlight the types of solutions that can help your organization maximize the benefits of BPM.
You will learn how to:
– Identify and prioritize projects that can deliver high payback
– Enable collaboration to drive process improvement initiatives
– Discern BPM products that can help maximize productivity (Modeling, Monitoring)
– Align business and IT goals so that process improvements serve strategy
– Incorporate SOA into your BPM strategy
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