3COM: Enabling Rapid, Custom and Adaptable Sales Processes Through Savvion BusinessManager

A leading networking products manufacturer, 3Com has an extensive, global staff and sales force. The company wanted to revise its special price quotes (SPQ) system to reduce lag time it was experiencing from the current Lotus Notes replication process. Since all special price quotes require rigorous and timely approval, 3Com needed to develop an integrated process for handling special price quotes (SPQs) that would expedite the process and enable the company to meet its customers’ needs in a timely manner.

3Com chose BusinessManager from Savvion to build a process for enabling its special price quotes. The resulting system connected a Siebel sales force automation application through to a back-end SAP system, providing the company with an end-to-end process that saved time and reduced human errors.

Download the complete 3COM Implementation Study.