J2EE Service Management: Are You Ready?

Java is increasingly being used in business-critical applications, primarily because it offers several advantages over older technologies. However, while most organizations have logically been focused on the task of developing Java applications, more organizations are now beginning to realize that there’s another important consideration to creating Java applications—deployment and management.

The Issue: Java Performance
Java has enabled organizations to take application development to a new level of functionality. While the increase of Java in the enterprise environment solves many of the previous limits of application development, it does not eliminate the traditional concerns of enterprise applications, namely the application service management challenges.

How to Begin ensuring Java Services Now
IT managers should make a number of service considerations when delivering J2EE applications to the organization. Identifying these performance considerations and beginning to anticipate these issues during development is the first step in being able to better manage J2EE applications.
VantageWhat a Good Solution for Managing Enterprise Java Applications Should Provide
Compuware’s Vantage is designed to provide IT operations staff with the highest level of monitoring and analysis capabilities to keep their J2EE applications running effectively.

Upside Research recommends that IT operations managers look for a solution that will not only enable them to respond quickly to J2EE application performance issues, but also proactively manage J2EE applications in a way that meets service levels and contributes to business goals. Compuware’s Vantage is a solution that accomplishes both of these objectives.

Upside Research report on Compuware Vantage