New IT Analyst Firm Upside Research Puts Emerging Technologies In Context

Upside Research Provides Enterprise Decision Makers with Practical Perspective on Emerging Technologies

NEWTON, MASS—November 1, 2003. David A. Kelly, respected IT industry analyst and former senior vice president of research services for Hurwitz Group, Inc., announced the launch of Upside Research Inc.

Launched in April 2003, Upside Research is a research, consulting and content development firm focused on helping businesses put application development, business process management (BPM), integration, and enterprise infrastructure challenges in perspective.

“Technology decision makers don’t purchase unless they understand where new technologies fit and what the appropriate context for practical use is,” says Kelly, president of Upside Research, Inc. “I founded Upside Research to help businesses and buyers understand the context for new technologies and software. What technologies are appropriate for specific problems? When should you use one solution over another? Why is this product different from other products? What are the business implications of this solution? Upside Research has the answers.”

Technology vendors too often focus on buzzwords and features when selling products without helping purchasers understand the implications of their technologies in specific customer scenarios. Through research reports, white papers, implementation studies, and custom-developed content, Upside Research is helping businesses understand the practical context for selecting and purchasing the right products, as well as helping vendors articulate the appropriate context for new software or technologies. In doing so, Upside Research helps organizations find practical ways to achieve their IT goals and profit from the diversity of a changing technology landscape.

“Upside Research is a new firm with a long history. Principal David Kelly and his team bring years of market and technology expertise to supplying practical insights on how new technologies can increase your corporate effectiveness and efficiency. He is one of the rare breed of analysts who understands both the technology and the business implications and can drill down as far as necessary,” Zack Urlocker, vice president of marketing, M7 Corporation.

While the analysts of Upside Research have extensive experience in everything from application development and lifecycle issues to enterprise integration and infrastructure issues, the emerging area of Business Process Management (BPM) is a key area of focus.

“Currently, Upside Research is conducting a market overview of the emerging BPM market,” explains Kelly. “BPM has become an important focus of many enterprises, as they streamline business processes and try to improve efficiencies and reduce errors. Navigating the market is challenging for many organizations so Upside Research is conducting research and creating customized reports that help alleviate the confusion and uncertainty associated with purchasing.”

Kelly has more than 20 years experience in the IT industry, including managing a group of more than a dozen analysts at Hurwitz Group and helping determine the research direction of the firm. He has authored articles for Computerworld, Oracle Magazine, Microsoft Executive Circle, Software Magazine, and many other publications, as well as spoken at a variety of industry conferences including Comdex and Software Development.

A key team member joining Kelly is Senior Analyst Heather Ashton. Ms. Ashton has extensive experience working with technology companies to effectively position them in a changing marketplace. Through her position as Director of Electronic Business Strategies at Hurwitz Group, Ashton worked closely with emerging and established software and services organizations to capitalize on market opportunities, build brand recognition, and navigate the e-business landscape.

For more information or to schedule a briefing, contact Upside Research by email at, calling (617) 969-6886, or visiting

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