The Social Impact of Cell Phones

As anyone who’s gone to a party or movie theater knows, the social impact of the cell phone has been enormous. Cell phones have dramatically altered the social landscape, social etiquette (since when is okay to take a phone call in the middle of a face-to-face conversation?), and social networks.
– Originally, cell phones were just tools. They enabled individuals to make and receive calls when outside their office or home. Today, cell phones have morphed into the hub of an individual’s digital universe. While older consumers still mainly use cell phones for telephone calls, young consumers email, text message, purchase music, take pictures, make videos, watch TV, and surf the web on these all-purpose communication devices.
– Cell phones and mobile digital devices will increasingly shape the fabric, content and form of social interaction for years to come.
– At a macro level, digital devices are enabling market-changing options (digital downloads of videos, music and more), while at the personal level digital devices enable friends and family to share information, pictures, videos, voices at
– Cell phones and digital devices are reshaping every part of our lives—don’t be surprised if you walk into a funeral parlor at some point in the future and are offered digital downloads of pictures, videos or the favorite music of the deceased. From cradle (with instant pictures beaming out to family and relatives) to grave, cell phones are dramatically reshaping our social lives.


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