Upside Research Introduces Enterprise Software ACPP Research–Powerful new metrics and market tracking of the BPM, SOA, and BAM market segments

NEWTON, MASS—March 12, 2008. David A. Kelly, president of research firm Upside Research Inc., has announced that Upside Research and Management Insight Technologies are combining forces to bring software vendors a new, customized Enterprise Software Sales Cycle Analysis. The Enterprise Software Sales Cycle Analysis provides software vendors with the ultimate insider access to the buying cycle for business process management (BPM), business activity monitoring (BAM) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) software.

“The Enterprise Software Sales Cycle Analysis report is designed to help software vendors out-think, out-plan and out-perform their competition through the use of specialized ACPP metrics,” said Kelly. “The survey provides an opportunity for software vendors to dig deeper into the buying cycle stage-by-stage decision factors than ever before. It also enables them to precisely identify where their opportunities lie, what their vulnerabilities are and how they compare with competitors. It’s compelling research delivered in an actionable way.”

“Enterprise Software Sales Cycle Analysis provides cost-effective ‘core metrics’ that companies can rely on to assess their market positioning in relationship to competitors,” said Carey Azzara, Director of Research, Management Insight Technologies. “It enables organizations to track purchase behavior through stages of the buying cycle with specific comparisons between vendor and competitors, as well as identifying ‘gaps’ between the buying cycle stages.”

Enterprise Software Sales Cycle Analysis research uses an awareness, consideration, preference, and purchase (ACPP) methodology to expose buying cycle dynamics to support tactical and strategic development of marketing and messaging campaign improvements and product development. The report provides actionable insights to improve an enterprise software vendor’s brand position by tracking a product’s degree of success through the sales life cycle. Results illuminate market positioning with customers and prospects in comparison to competitors. The study focuses on key BPM technologies to provide insights into SOA, Workflow, and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

About Upside Research, Inc.
Launched in 2003, Upside Research is a research, consulting, and content development firm focused on helping enterprises manage technology adoption, solution development, deployment, and management from a business perspective by putting application development, business process management (BPM), integration, and enterprise infrastructure challenges in perspective.

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Management Insight Technologies is a market research consulting firm dedicated to helping technology companies find answers and insights that lead to superior business performance. Unlike many research firms, the Management Insight team is composed of seasoned technology executives. Having worked in high-tech themselves, they can offer deeper analysis, perspective, and insight so that research is both understandable and actionable.

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